Thursday, September 02, 2010

Catching up

So i have not posted in a VERY long time. just some highlights to catch us up. Ashlyn started 1st Grade and Lexi started Kindergarten. Kimber Turned 4 and we had our First camping / Float trip. It was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again next summer!

Carter packed his backpack full of toys and was going to go to "High School" too!!

Look she is Smiling

Most of the members of our 12 Man raft!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Carter

Orr Bubba Chubba turned 2!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

October 2009

One of the main reasons we moved here to Missouri is because Jesse really missed the "Seasons" and the changing leaves and all the colors. Here is the front of our house with our huge tree. All this week it has rained a lot, so all of the leaves have fallen off already. And What good is fall if you can't make a leaf pile and jump in.

This is Kimber hiding in them!

And Again what good is this season with out Pumpkins!! Thank you to Grandma Hetty for taking us to the Pumpkin patch. We had a great time!

You Can't have a pumpkin patch with out Pony rides! I did not get a chance to get a picture of Kimber on her horse but they all LOVED it!!

Of Course we had to do the funny face boards!!

Even Dad Got into it!!

And the Traditional Hay Ride. Carter was Mesmerized by the tractor!!!

Grandma Hetty with Ashlyn and Lexi

For Halloween we went to Grandma Hetty's and trick-or-treated in her neighbor hood. there were not a lot of house's participating but that was ok we got just enough candy to last me a while!!!! The kids did really well. we were just about home before we got our first "i want to go home". I was even more lucky this year because i did not have to spend any money on costumes. All the costumes were given to us by someone else so we say a big THANK YOU to them!

Ashlyn the Horse

Lexi the Ballerina
Kimber was a Pumpkin Cat!!
Carter was a Turtle!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

just because

So here are a couple of pictures of the past month. Not much happening here. We went to his family's house in the country and a few minutes away is a place called Johnson's Shutins. It's part of a river system that cut out gouges from the rocks and its a cool place to swim and rock climb. It was real cold the day we went though so we did'nt stay to long! This is also where the camera broke AGAIN! I have used it twice and now it wont work because it dropped in the water. oh well.